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Be Certain About Safety

The Power of Safety

Safer energy is smarter energy, and CellCube’s vanadium flow batteries are (arguably) the safest and best engineered commercial-scale long duration energy storage system on the market today. CellCube is certainly the only flow-battery technology with a safety record proven in more than 140 system deployments and millions of hours of uninterrupted operation. 

Secure by Design

CellCube’s aqueous vanadium electrolyte is non-flammable, non-explosive and there is never a risk of thermal runaway.  Our power stack and storage systems are built to the highest safety standards, including secondary containment for electrolyte. 

Peace of Mind 

Other battery technologies can be exciting. They can catch fire, corrode, or fluctuate in extreme conditions. We prefer to offer peace of mind – and stick to the basics like reliability, predictability, and safety.  So, if you don’t like surprises, CellCube offers powerful performance and peace of mind.

No Added Safety Systems Required

The CellCube system’s low risk profile reduces insurance costs and makes it the safer choice for facilities ranging from hospitals to heavy industries with no added safety measures required for public or property protection.  

The Obvious Alternative to Lithium-Ion 

Contrast CellCube’s safety profile with lithium-ion batteries, which are a known potential fire hazard that contain highly flammable electrolyte that is susceptible to thermal runaway. Industrial placements may demand expensive shielding requirements and simply the risk of a thermal incident may require evacuations of a mile radius or more. Consider the externalities of any lithium-ion deployment, then think again.

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