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Credible Economics That (Really) Adds Up

Superior Return On Investment (ROI)

CellCube is the only battery electric storage system engineered to hold value, gain value, and add value over a 30-year lifecycle. With CellCube, you get the foundational component for executing value-added energy management strategies – in front and behind the meter. And before considering added value, the levelized cost of storage favors CellCube over lithium-ion after the first four hours of discharge, the first few years of deployment and strongly favors CellCube over the lifecycle of system operation. 

Profitable Possibilities

Capitalize on surplus energy with the finesse to feed it back to the grid. Whether your stored energy came from wind, solar, or off-peak charging, the highest present value of your stored electric power varies by in-house demand, any direct renewable source inputs, and the real-time price of dispatched energy on a given day. Your stored energy becomes a dynamic asset, offering you the flexibility to support internal demands or turn those electrons into cash when the grid needs them most.

Choose Bankable Over Degradable

As a bonus, the CellCube vanadium electrolyte is a bankable asset that retains nearly 100% of its original energy potential. The electrolyte’s future value can be leveraged to reduce the up-front cost of acquiring your CellCube system or redeemed at the end of a 30-year project life through reuse, buy-back, or resale, potentially at a profit. (Try that with lithium-ion, which will likely require replacement within 10 years of deployment, or twice over a comparable CellCube lifespan.)  

Your Brains Our Brawn

Profitable energy management requires a foundation of proven long duration energy storage capacity and a proactive outlook. CellCube’s vanadium flow battery technology offers the safest, most reliable, and sustainable energy storage solution on the market today. How that energy is managed and deployed determines the ultimate value your CellCube System can save or create. With your wisdom and initiative, your CellCube vanadium battery system will pay for itself.

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