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Empowering Smarter Energy Management

At CellCube, we engineer energy storage systems that empower smarter energy management.  We are a pioneer and proven market leader with more than two decades of experience producing ultra-safe, sustainable, and cost-effective long-duration vanadium flow battery storage solutions for large-scale on-grid and off-grid commercial, industrial, and utility applications.

Dynamic Flexibility

Our customizable CellCube storage systems are scaled to customer requirements. Whether you are a company looking to integrate renewables behind the meter or a utility looking to add lower-cost peaking power on a moment’s notice, CellCube provides maximum energy capacity, availability, and flexibility.  You can add up to 200% power overrating with no harm to battery performance, and no negative impacts on cycle life or system lifespan. You’ll have all the energy you need for just-in-time dispatch, grid balancing, energy-shifting, peak-shaving, and arbitrage. 

Unshakable Stability

Grid fluctuations are no match for CellCube’s stalwart defense, delivering unwavering power quality when it matters most. With the resilience of voltage stabilization, your life-critical facilities and commercial operations stay uninterrupted, safeguarding patients, your productivity, and peace of mind.

Future-Proof Answer for Today’s Power Needs

The energy market needs new ideas and solutions to power the global economy of the future. Grids are facing rising demands from growing populations and the electrification of everything. At the same time, electric grids are experiencing rising instability due to retiring baseload power plants, distributed generation from intermittent renewables, and uncontrolled weather events. CellCube storage systems offer capabilities to address your energy availability and grid stability challenges. 

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