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The Power of More

With the right chemistry, you can be more confident in the reliability of your battery energy storage than ever before.

With CellCube’s patented ultra-safe and reliable vanadium-flow, long-duration energy storage systems, you get:

More than a Start-Up with a PowerPoint:

With CellCube, you get a mature company with 20 years of experience refining and deploying vanadium flow battery storage systems.

More Than a Theory:

With CellCube, you get more than 13 years of proven, uninterrupted service in real-world environments ranging from deserts to rainforests to frozen tundra.

More Than a Pilot Project:

With CellCube, you get 140+ field-scale systems in 20+ countries totaling 6 million operating hours, with many systems in continuous operation for over 10 years. 

More Than A Single Configuration:

With CellCube, you get easy-to-transport modular units that allow you to choose the power independent of the capacity. Individual storage parks in the 2-digit MW range and a duration of up to 24 hours can be developed from the various power units and electrolyte tanks.

More Cost-Effective at Longer Durations:

With CellCube’s scalable open architecture, the power-to-energy capacity ratio can easily be customized to yield ever-greater cost savings as discharge durations increase.

CellCube logo cropped
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