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Vanadium Flow Batteries

A Metal With Many Advantages

Vanadium, a relatively soft metal also used as an alloy component in the steel industry, plays a key role at CellCube. Vanadium pentoxide (V2O5) is utilized as a cathode in our long-duration energy storage systems and includes 56% vanadium by weight.

Sourced Primarily in USA

Vanadium for U.S.-based CellCube, Inc. is produced through U.S.-based 
sources that include primary mines and secondary sources, such as waste streams from steel-making and oil & gas operations. Although 
rising, vanadium use in long-term energy storage systems represents a
small fraction of global demand for vanadium.

Multi-tasking for life

Imagine if there were four nearly identical versions of you, each with a particular characteristic that adds unique benefits to a common system that the 4X of you are working to optimize. Would that improve efficiency and assure that all of you are interacting without outside interference or confusion?  

If you are Vanadium in a CellCube Vanadium Flow Battery, 4X of you is ideal. When dissolved in a mild sulfuric acid and water electrolyte, you exist in four stable ionic states, with different numbers of electrons ranging from V2, V3 (tasked to the negative anode or anolyte) and V4, V5, (used for the positive cathode or catholyte). Through an electrochemical reaction, in which electrons pass back and forth across a membrane from the negative anode side of the battery to the positive cathode side, the battery stores electrical energy (charges) and releases electrical energy (discharges) commonly known as “electricity” when needed. “You” work odd hours, overtime, continuously, and you never really age (although you could take a shower every decade or two).

How Vanadium Flow Batteries Work

Find out more about the many advantages of vanadium

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