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Grid-scale energy storage systems for
commercial, industrial, and utility applications.

CellCube engineers patented, ultra-safe, and reliable vanadium flow battery storage solutions that deliver instantaneous reserve power for 24 hours or more. With scalable systems guaranteed to perform at full capacity for decades, CellCube batteries enable intelligent energy solutions that put you in control of your costs, your impact, and your future.

Case In Point:

CellCube’s mature, modular Vanadium Flow Battery storage systems hit their economic and operating “sweet spot” at durations above four hours, giving you the confidence to plan for any 24-hour scenario.


  • 13+ years proven, field-validated technology
  • 140+ system installations Worldwide
  • Ultra-low operational cost over millions of service hours


  • 100% depth of discharge with zero degradation
  • Up to 200% power overrating
  • 78% less CO2 emissions than Lithium-ion batteries


  • Non-flammable and non-explosive
  • Guaranteed to deliver a minimum of 20,000 cycles over 30 years
  • Vanadium electrolyte asset is bankable and nearly 100% reusable

Proven Performance

In today’s energy landscape, grids require mature, reliable, and scalable storage solutions. CellCube’s vanadium flow battery technology, with over 13 years of proven performance in diverse applications worldwide, stands as the certain choice to meet these evolving needs effectively.

Where We Deploy

Commercial & Industrial

  • Energy shifting & peak shaving
  • Grid frequency regulation
  • Renewable power source integration
  • Behind-the-meter sales to power grid
  • CO2 reduction
  • Resiliency & back-up power


  • Grid stabilization & frequency regulation
  • Duck curve & peak demand coverage
  • Transmission deferral & long duration storage
  • Renewable power optimization
  • Remote area coverage
  • CO2 reduction


  • Diesel- and gas-turbine hybridization and fuel savings
  • Isolated communities, remote areas & microgrids
  • Renewable- and generator-powered Islands
  • Mining operations
  • Oil & Gas development
  • Capture value from curtailed and stranded renewables

The Power of Stacking

Unparalleled Safety

Don’t get burned by your battery choice. Choose safety and performance with our vanadium flow batteries. Unlike lithium-ion options prone to thermal runaway, our non-flammable, non-explosive technology guarantees safety to people and property. Engineered to the highest standards, it’s a choice your insurance company will appreciate.

Superior Economics

At four (4) hours or more of discharge, CellCube’s vanadium flow battery is economically superior to other solutions. Add to that the many cost-saving benefits – near-zero degradation, a cycle life of more than 20,000 cycles, no need to repower, minimal operating maintenance, and full re-usability of the vanadium electrolyte at end of life – and you achieve vastly superior economic results. Top it all off with the peace of mind that comes with no fire hazard risks and lower insurance premiums, and CellCube is clearly the superior solution for your large-scale utility and critical-infrastructure C&I applications.   

Superior Economics

Powerful Chemistry

Vanadium is abundant and increasingly sourced from secondary sources like spent catalyst and waste streams from the steel industry.  It is non-degrading and preserves value indefinitely. When its unique properties are applied in vanadium flow batteries, it offers superior durability, reliability, and virtually infinite reusability.

CellCube long-duration batteries combine reversible single element electrochemical reactions with simple rebalancing to ensure near-zero degradation and 100% throughput over more than 20,000 charging and discharging cycles – regardless of frequency, depth of discharge or ambient temperature.

True Sustainability:

CellCube systems embody sustainability, boasting a lifespan that exceeds lithium-ion by 2X+ and aligns with circular economy principles. Our vanadium electrolyte, sourced from U.S. steel-making waste streams, is nearly 100% reusable, and most remaining system components are recyclable, supporting a zero-waste model. With 78% lower CO2 emissions than lithium-ion, we help you achieve more of your environmental goals.

Find large-scale energy storage systems and solutions

CellCube is the future-proof technology for long-term thinkers seeking to reduce their lifecycle energy costs and carbon footprint. Talk to us about our large-scale, next-generation, long-duration energy storage systems and solutions that you can count on to add value for generations.

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